Why “The Big Bet”?

I always liked the blues… since I had the first guitar in my hands I was seduced. Little by little I was driven by unexpected ways. At age 16 I played in the streets of Buenos Aires… three years later, across the ocean, in Europe, away from my neighborhood, my friends, family, looking for something unknown. And the unknown I liked.

But the sun does not always shine… and the storm came… “the law” forbade to touch the street. It was time to knock on the door of the unreachable clubs.

Over the years the doors opened, first in Barcelona, then in Spain, then in Festivals, now in Europe.

Still wondering why “The Big Bet”?

I’ve always bet with everything… with my life. I never had manager or producer or patron, neither money. All those achieved in these years is thanks to those who threw me a coin when I played in Florida Street, those who bought me the first CDs recorded at home, those who invited me to play in their bar, in their hall, in their Festival, etc…

I hope “luck” goes by my side and continue betting …

Thank you!

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