Swingslide Resophonic Guitars



15 years ago I started playing blues with resophonic guitar (resounding guitar or resonator) and over the years it has become my main instrument, both for swing and blues, as for many other styles.

A characteristic of these instruments is their price. A National® resonator, a Dobro®, or a luthier instrument like the Amistar®, are around € 2000… and of course they exceed that amount depending on what we are looking for.

Cheap copies are usually very bad, and I say this from experience. When I started with this I found it impossible to pay those amounts (now is not that I buy one per week) so I used what I could afford.

A year ago I contacted a factory in China and asked for a “single cone” to check the sound quality, materials and finishes. I was surprised with what I had in my hands and I decided to bring some.

First of all I am a musician so I do not intend to set up a guitar shop… but if any of you are interested in having a resophonic guitar of a very good quality at an affordable price just contact me. I will not fool anyone by comparing these guitars with others that are worth 3 times more, but they are ideal instruments for students, amateurs and professionals alike. I assure you that they have exceeded my expectations and they sound super good. The models that I will bring will be around 600€ and 800€. There are cheaper ones but you’ll find them in any physical or internet store.

Here you can see some videos and listen to how they sound. Soon I will put more images.

For more information you can write in the contact section.