Six, a big bet

From the beginning “The Big Bet” has been a big bet. After almost 10 years playing with a swing group, I woke up one morning wanting to listen to Robert Johnson and seeing the centenary of his birth approaching, I thought about making a solo album to pay homage to. After the idea matured I changed the focus and I proposed to record to Rod Deville and Martí Elías, then was born The Big Bet.

After a year of satisfactions, many concerts and many albums sold, we saw that the band was working and the public response encouraged us to keep betting…

Then a new door opened. Each year, the Barcelona Blues Festival includes in its programming the presentation of an album. The band they had scheduled in 2012 did not get it ready and they proposed it to us… we did not even have in mind to re-record yet and we had just recruited Giggs Nother, a student of ours from the Blues School, to the battery.

Thus came the idea of ​​”SIX”. A trilogy… A series of 3 CDS with 6 original songs each, with 6 months between each disc. 6, 6, 6, perhaps a way to keep the Robert Johnson pact alive.

The 3 deliveries allowed us to show different facets of the band, different moods, different approaches to the Blues. Just like 3 photographs can be made in different environments, with another light and another wardrobe, the 3 “SIX” are different, but the essence of the group is always there.

The whole repertoire is original. Some issues were written years ago, others have emerged in the last year and a half.

In the first “Six” we have the collaboration of Víctor Puertas and his harmonica on the theme Jivin ‘Baby. But the other songs are a trio, the format in which the band is presented more often..

The second “Six” is a kind of gift to ourselves. There was a lot of excitement we had to record and get on the stage with a section of winds. Then three of the best saxes of the city were added to the project as far as Blues and Swing are concerned: Pol Prats, Artem Zhuliev and Big Dani Pérez.

The third “Six” reflects another reality of the group… an acoustic session where we seek nothing more than to enjoy the subtle taste of crude instruments, as we do many times at the end of the concerts. Without amplification or elaborate production…

The trilogy has come to an end! If you want to know more about the discs, nothing better than to listen

Thank you for enjoying our music!!!

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