My Babies

In this section I present my resophonic guitars (resophonic) and a brief description of each one. Sometimes for those who start with this instrument it is interesting to know with what material other musicians work. I do not collect guitars, they are my co-workers so they have all fulfilled or fulfilled their mission…

I do not have photos of my first resonator. It was not of high quality but I accompanied him for several years playing in the street and thanks to him the passion for this instrument awoke.


Continental Style Ncontinental-single-cone-

This is the first quality resonator I had. I bought it used. It has a lot of volume. Over the years I learned that the body is manufactured by “Amistar”, factory of Czech Republic. I originally did not have a pill, but I installed it because that’s when I needed it to play in some clubs.






335 Electric Resophonic Spider Bridge335-single-cone

This is a guitar made in china. I bought it for its comfort, its sound and its price. At that time was my maximum budget. It has undergone many hardware changes, and my and luthier adjustments. I installed a tablet Dimarzio Virtual P90 and I removed the piezo that came from the factory. The result has been optimal.






Amistar Resophonic Tricone c/Cutawayamistar-tricone

It’s one of my favorite guitars. Manufactured by Franta Yavurek (Amistar). A tricone in the body of a single-cone. An unprecedented model taking into account its construction, the intersection of the body and the mast in the fret 14 and the cutaway. It has a minihumbucker and a piezoelectric also manufactured by Amistar (duotone system).

It does not have so much volume unplugged, but on the other hand, besides being very comfortable to play, its sound is very balanced and homogenous. Perfect to play swing!




Single Cone Electric Tele®tele-single-cone

This guitar is excellent. I’ve compared it with other high-end electric resonators and I’ll stick with it. It’s sound is magnificent. I was ridden by a luthier from Barcelona (Xavi Broussolle). It has a Virtual P90 and a piezo, with the possibility of combining them. Unlike all others, in this amount 12/54 strings. If you are looking for something similar you can mount yourselves and visit the Sollophonic Guitars page. Currently Fender has released a similar guitar, but from my point of view leaves much to be desired.





National Resophonic Triconenational-tricone

This is my most recent acquisition. The sound of the National is very particular… excellent. Also the volume is something to emphasize. The only “negative”, to put it in some way, is that these guitars traditionally connect with the body in the fret 12 so it becomes difficult to access the higher notes… since it also has no cutaway. Although all this plays in favor of the tone and the volume of the instrument. In this guitar I use strings 14/60. I amplify it with an oktava mk012 and if you need a National Slimline Pickup.