When I started playing it was difficult to find information to learn so many things I discovered on my own, others learned from other musicians… In this section of the web I will be sharing material for those who want to approach the resophonic guitar. The material will be focused mainly on the blues and the swing, but you can apply it to any style and with both spanish and acoustic or electric guitar.

 Shuffle – Basic Accompaniment

 This first video is for those who have never played in Open G. The tuning is: D G D G B D starting from the 6th string (the most severe). That is to say, one must lower one tone the 6th, 5th and 1st string. I show you a very simple resource to accompany a shuffle, in this case of 12 bars, but could be 8 or 16 or whatever structure you want.

First in G, then in D and then in C. I also show you how to use the bonnet to play in other tones. I insist that this video is for beginners… the objective dominate a basic resource to accompany without problem, a blues or shuffle in any key.



Here you can see an exercise to start playing “continuous bass”. Inspired by Leroy Carr’s “How Long Blues”. The idea is that you do not worry about changes in harmony, just playing constant bass. First of all you have to learn the melody and slowly try each phrase of the theme. Finally… to improvise!

The tuning I use is Open G (D-G-D-G-B-D)