“Chino” ( Hernán Senra ) was born in Argentina , on August 14, 1980 , in the city of Buenos Aires . He began playing electric guitar , a gift from her grandmother, at age 13 .
He had several teachers. The most influential: Mario Pugliese , Miguel Botafogo Vilanova and Gabriel Gratzer , but the style he has developed over the years emerged progressively and self-taught after discovering the ” resophonic guitar” .
He bought his first dobro in Basel , Switzerland , where he did his first performance in Europe. He was 18 when he cross the ocean for the first time . He has been to France, Switzerland , Italy and Spain … always playing in the street and traveling by train …
He returnes to Argentina and takes his first steps as a professional musician with Down Home , at that time a country blues band rooted in the origins , with whom they played in Calle Florida (Florida Street) and in some pubs and bars of the city center . (Edwind on bass, Jan Svijalek on guitar, Sonny Boy Müller on harmonica and Chino on resophonic guitar and vocals)
Soon, specifically in June 2001 , he traveled again to Europe and settled in Barcelona , where he meets Ivan Kovacevic. Two years later re- founded “DOWN HOME” covering a wider and more energic style… They played in Blues and Jazz venues and festival in Portugal, Spain , France , Italy, Germany , Austria and Serbia.
In recent years, Chino has become one of the most representative and active artists of Blues and Swing scene of Barcelona. His style on the slide guitar is unique and unmistakable.

Among his current projects are :

” CHINO & THE BIG BET ” : an idea born in 2010 to honor Robert Johnson on the centenary of his birth. In July of 2012 begin the trilogy ” SIX ” and in March 2013 , along with Rod Deville Nother Giggs on bass and on drums, are selected to participate in the “European Blues Challenge” in the city of Toulouse , France, getting the 2nd Prize .

” SHINE ” a swing and gypsy jazz trio with Albert Bello and Rod Deville with two albums : “Shine ” ( 2009) and ” Just a little swing” (2011 ) .

“THE ACOUSTIC BLUES COMPANY ” began in 2005 performing with different musicians in each concert but the project was consolidated in 2010 when they recorded their first album with Rod Deville on contrabass and many guest from the Barcelona Blues scene.

Chino also makes solo shows at the Honky Tonk Blues Bar, one of the most iconic local Blues clubs in Barcelona .

Chino is Director of Studies at the Barcelona Blues School, ​​where he teaches acoustic, electric , and slide guitar combo since 2008.
In 2005 began the “Blues Jam Sessions” in the Harlem Jazz Club Barcelona “Chino” in front. One of the best jams in the city that continues uninterrupted to date.
Since 2009, he leads with SHiNE, the Gypsy Swing & Jazz jam sessions at the Pipa Club at 22:00 pm. One of the most interesting proposals for a Sunday night in Barcelona , where you can enjoy the spirit of Jazz Manouche .

He has recorded twice with Down Home (Argentina) and collaborated on albums by various artists from Barcelona

Down Home have released two albums : “Running out of time” (2005) and “Once Again” (2010 ) .

Shine: “Shine ” ( 2009) and ” Just a little swing” ( 2013 )

The Acoustic Blues Company : “Chino & The Acoustic Blues Company” ( 2010 )

The Big Bet: ” 100 years” (2011) , “Six 1” (2012) , “Six 2″ (2012) , ” Six3 ” (2013)

Other works:
* He composed , together with Ivan Kovacevic , original music for the play ” Els dimecres Elena” (Companya L’Evocador)
* “DOWN HOME ORKESTRA ” a Big Band that features 16 musicians on stage performing original songs arranged for big band by Ivan Kovacevic .
* In 2008, along with Guerassim Voronkov , assistant director of the Gran Teatro del Liceo , and Ivan Kovacevic , has composed and performed live , the soundtrack for the film ” The General ” by Buster Keaton for more thant 3000 people in the Castle of Montjuic .(Cinema a la Fresca) .