On Friday evening, at the light of the Luz de Gas lounge there is no free chair, attendees look forward to the stage where musicians and those in charge of the room enter and leave to finish the final preparations before From the start of the show.

At 9:30 pm, Hernán Senra (El Chino) appears on stage to officially open the tenth edition of the Barcelona Blues Festival. An edition, as you know, very marked by the crisis and cuts, but, like the musical style it represents, an edition that has become strong in the face of difficulties and full of the best blues.

The beginning of the Festival has always been characterized by the presentation of a new album. In this year’s edition, Chino & The Big Bet have been responsible for the presentation of “Six“, the first part of a self-produced trilogy that has its own 6 tracks. Every 6 months we will be able to enjoy a new cd with 6 new songs until the end of this trip for the best Blues in June 2013. Once the trilogy has been completed, you can put all 3 discs at once to invoke the Devil or Well to make the neighbor tighten, you choose.

Hernán‘s jokes aside, Rod Deville (bass) and Giggs Nother (drums) appeared on stage and the first agreements on the first track on the new album, “I’m on the road again“, were not long to wait Starting a great journey of more than an hour for the inscrutable ways of Blues.

The concert offered us all the themes of “Six“: “Bad Boy Blues“, “Hush“, “Jivin’Baby“, “Hipsquake mama” or “Your love is dynamite“, combos with a song from the album tribute to Centennial of the birth of Robert Johnson100 years” published last year, with which the band emerged. There were also no issues from the most acoustic beginnings of Chino and Rod Deville and some versions of Blues classics. Among all of these we emphasize: “Violent Love“, “When you are smiling“, “Caldonia” or “Dust my broom“.

The band, very acclaimed by the public, decided to get off the stage to make some exceptional views to the Luz de Gas and interpret “Hold you in my arms again“.

Chino, with his great charisma and the sympathy that characterized him, made the show entertain with the explanations between theme and subject. The good music did the rest and the time and the fourth that lasted the concert we were flying …

As a summary of the night, we can say that it was an unforgettable Festival start, with a great response from the public and a disc that is more than advisable at an anti-crisis price of only 6 euros. If you encourage yourself to buy it, you will be collaborating with your grandma so that quality music production can continue.

Laura Novensà (Dra. Blues)

Robert Leroy Johnson lived 27 intense and agitated years and recorded 29 tracks that marked the history of the blues. Incarnates like no one to the errant bluesman, quarrelsome, elegant, brilliant and womanizer.
His death in a Greewood’s gambling halls, still wrapped in mystery and speculation. But it was his legendary pact with the devil in the crossroads of 61 and 49, which turned it into a myth and catapulted the country of legends.
His special way of handling his voice and guitar, and his legendary aureole, made him the universal icon of the blues, that music that took its first steps when little Robert came to the world, a hundred years ago.
Taking advantage of this anniversary Hernán Senra “Chino” has set out to pay homage to one of its historical references. This disc recorded a 16 of August (day of his death) contains 13 of the 29 subjects recorded by Robert Johnson. In this adventure is accompanied by Rod Deville to the double bass, Marti Elías to the drums, and the collaborations of Victor Puertas in the harmonica and Albert Bello in the ukulele.
Leaving the lane, bordering the shoulder and avoiding the resource of trying to copy note to note, “Chino” interpret to the master, just as in the moment did those who electrified Delta music during the first half of the twentieth century.
Keeping the essence, but appropriating the themes and impregnating them with their character, “Chino” delights us with a record that simply knows Blues … (M.L.Poy)